The Noise Landscape

The Noise Landscape
nai 010 publishers 2017

I was honored to collaborate with authors Ben Boucsein, Kees Christiaanse, Christian Salewksi and Eirini Kasioumi on The Noise Landscape.

I contributed an analysis chapter on Heathrow’s Noise Landscape. (brief excerpt below)

“Heathrow’s noise landscape is uniquely contentious: as the most urban of Europe’s hub-airports there has been controversy since the creation of the airport over the effect of aviation noise on local communities. Negotiation over Heathrow’s noise landscape has sought to balance the pragmatic concerns of flight, the economic benefits of the airport to the UK, and disruption to the lives of local residents. Quantification of noise as data has been, since the 1960s, the mediator that permits negotiations over sound to occur. Mappings of noise contours, clusters of complaints and reams (now petabytes) of other data have allowed the airport operator, the UK government, and local communities to communicate and negotiate their positions relative to the noise landscape. As we will see, however, data has imperfectly mediated the experience of noise on the site. Invariably, distortion or bias has been introduced during the collection, processing, and dissemination of data. Today, new technologies for urban sensing and data-sharing are coming into use, and long-standing policies on noise at Heathrow are evolving in response.”

I also contributed to a general introduction to the Heathrow Noise Landscape, co-written with Ben Boucsein and Joris Jehle.